Welcome to the home of the most fantastic fudge and tablet in Perthshire, maybe even in Scotland!  A bold statement, huh?  Once you've tasted our fudge or tablet you'll see why.  


Our fudge is creamy and full of the finest dark chocolate available and our tablet is so smooth it practically melts in your mouth.  No hard grainy bits here, thank you very much!


We use only the most natural and authentic ingredients to add flavour and texture to our goodies and keep those nasty chewy or chalky shelflife-extenders far away from these fabulous creations.


Staying true to our roots and celebrating all things Scottish is what we're all about which is why we dedicate each flavour to one of our illustrious Scottish clans.  Each clan has a story to tell and a flavour that goes with it so why not enjoy a little bit of tartan with your treats or share some of the good stuff with someone you know?